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4 Simple, Yet Powerful Ways to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Pages would be the most popular factor on the internet at this time! Business proprietors, celebrities, as well as places of worship have found how effective they are able to significantly change how they connect to fans.


As well as the viral marketing exposure they are able to deliver for any business! Essentially the greater your "Fans" connect to your page, the greater your page is going to be uncovered to that particular person's buddies!


However, marketing your Facebook Page could be a little challenging if you do not understand what you are doing.


So I wish to assist you to today by demonstrating 4 simple, yet effective methods for you to market your Facebook Page:


1) Produce A Custom Username


** NOTE **


You'll want a minimum of 25 fans of the Facebook Page to become qualified for any custom username.


A custom username has become pretty easy to find on Facebook. And actually, this tactic is effective for the Facebook Page As well as your personal Facebook profile.


From the marketing perspective, a custom username (or custom URL) enables you to definitely easier brand your Page on such things as websites, business card printing, documents, etc...


Additionally a custom username causes it to be simpler that you should tell others ways to get there (again, consider the 2 addresses above for instance).


Produce A Custom Facebook Username & URL


How you produce a custom username for the Facebook Page (and your personal profile) is as simple as first going to http:// Facebook . com / Usernames.


This site opens automatically within the personal profile option. Look underneath the shaded box and follow the link that states "Set a username for the Pages."


You'll then have the ability to proceed and hang your custom username for the Facebook Page.


2) Embed your Facebook Fan Box


Should you go to your Facebook Page, after which look beneath your the profile picture, you will find the next link:


"Add Fan Box for your site"


Proceed and click on that link, and you will be come to the dashboard for the "Fan Box". You will find lots of methods to personalize this fan box, but you will see 2 easy edits in the actual dashboard which are "Streams" and "Fans".


If "streams" is clicked on, then your comments out of your Facebook Page is going to be incorporated inside your Fan Box. And clearly, when not clicked on they will not.


Exactly the same for "fans" - whether it's clicked on, your default quantity of fans is 10, and when it isn't clicked on then you definitely will not use whatever fans.


Should you consider the right hands side bar of the site (just look right), you will see my Facebook Fan box. This is actually the standard box without "streams" checked, however with "fans" checked.


Once you are done choosing "streams" or "fans", you will find choices for embedding to your Blogger blog, TypePad blog, or any other. For those who have a Wordpress blog, then choose "other" after which highlight the code within the text box which will appear. Then take that code and embed it right into a sidebar widget, or wherever else you need to present your fan box.


3) Make use of the new "Have More Fans With SMS" feature


Many people haven't yet understand that Facebook now enables individuals to send a text and instantly become keen on Facebook Fan Pages! See your Facebook Page, discover the word "more" (it's in small blue print), click might a drop lower menu will open. Look lower that menu and you'll see "Have More Fans with SMS".


But wait... you will find a couple of limitations about this feature - that are:


* you'll want your personal custom user title (see #1 above)


That's the only real restriction.


For those who have your personal username, then you will check this out feature present. You can begin telling others about, and you will even put a fast note in your web or blogsite with instructions regarding how to text to become fan.


Consider the top right of the blog to have an example.


The only real other factor to consider using the "Have more fans with SMS" feature is the fact that text rates do apply.


4) Give a custom Facebook Page banner for your profile.


That one is my personal favorite! It has been a place of contention since Fan Pages released, which may be the proprietors didn't have method to promote their Page to their own personal buddies on Facebook.


The "Fan Box For Your Site" doesn't embed right into a Facebook profile.

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